Battery Accessories

Here you will find a collection of different battery components which I found useful for my projects.

Blue Sea Systems 300 Amp m-Series Battery Switch
Ignition protected – safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats
Case design allows surface, front panel, or rear panel mounting
Isolating cover with Snap-On sections protects rear contacts
Continuous Rating: 300A
Maximum Voltage: 48V DC
Amazon product link

3 Position Disconnect Isolator Master Switch
Continuous Current: 200Amps DC
Intermittent Current: 455Amps DC
Starting Current: 1250Amps DC
Peak Voltage: 60Volts DC
AliExpress product link

NO-OX-ID A-Special- Electrical Contact Grease- Keeps Metals Free of Rust and Corrosion
I’m using this grease for my terminal/busbar connection to keep them free from corrosion.
Amazon ships world wide.

Amazon product link

Victron Smart Shunt
The Smart Shunt of the Victron Family. Shows the capacity and power/amps going in an out of your battery. It re-calibrates automatically every time the battery is fully charged. It also transmits the voltage and current to other Victron products so they get an accurate reading of this data.
Amazon product link

100A Electrical Protection ANL Fuse 100 Amp with fuse holder
Available from 30-375A
Mounting in Pluggable in PCB Board
Inline ANL Holder is suitable for 0 2 4 Gauge Square
100 Amp ANL Fuse Included
Fuse Size: 80 x 21 x 8mm/ 3.1″ x 0.8″ x 0.3″ (L*W*T)
Holder Size: 123 x 38 x 38mm / 4.8″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ (L*W*H)
Amazon product link
AliExpress product link

Circuit Breaker 20A-300A with Manual Reset
Connect via 6mm studs, also as waterproof version. I haven’t used this breaker in my setup but had mixed feedback from my viewers. Here are the links anyway…
Amazon product link
AliExpress product link

100pcs 3*10mm 0.5A/1A/2A/3A/5A Axial fast Glass Fuse with lead wire
Very handy for building your own DIY battery packs
Amazon product link
AliExpress product link

2P DC 1000V Solar Mini Circuit Breaker
3A 6A 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A 50A 63A
DC MCB for PV System, none polarised
AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

80 – 250A DC, non-directional, very high breaking capacity of 25kA (higher than Class-T fuses)
Below is a link to a company here in Queensland, Australia. I could not find a better price online. If you’re outside of Australia, simply google “noark mccb price” to find the best prices in your area.

Tro Pacific product link (Australia only)

12 Ways Blade Fuse Box 
6 – 12 circuit fuse block for car blade fuses
Max 100A per block and 30A per circuit withn red LED lights for blown fuse

AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

Heavy Duty Bus Bar Terminal Single Stud 48V Red – Black 
Made from reinforced Nylon/Fibre Glass

AliExpress product link M10, 3/8″
Amazon product link M10, 3/8″

AliExpress product link M8, 5/16″
Amazon product link M8, 5/16″

Heavy Duty Bus Bar Terminals, 48VDC
Dual stainless steel studs M8 (5/16″) DC48V, red or black

AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

4 Post Power Distribution Block Bus Bar Pair with Cover
– 250 Amp Rating, 48V
– Marine, Automotive, and Solar Wiring (5/16″ = 8mm studs)
AliExpress product link
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