DC-DC Converters

DC-DC Converters, or buck converters, are little electronic circuits which help you power your devices directly from your battery. They convert voltage and current to suit your load. This can be from a higher voltage to a lower one or vice versa.

Buck-Converters come in two variants:
– the buck-down converters lower the voltage from your source to match the device or load you want to power (eg power a 12V light from a 24V battery)
– the buck-boost converters raise the voltage from your source (eg power a 19V laptop from a 12V battery)

DC-Converters come in different sizes and power outputs. Some are adjustable for voltage and current which makes them the perfect candidate to build your own battery charger from your solar system.

DC-DC 300W 20A Constant Current Adjustable step down module
Input voltage: DC 6-40V
Output voltage: continuously adjustable 1.2-35V DC
Output current: continuously adjustable 20A Max
AliExpress product link

DC Buck Converter Voltage Regulator Step Down Module
I’m using this converter to supply power to the Raspberry Pi
Input Voltage: DC 6.5V-60V
Output voltage: DC 1.25-30V
Output current: 10A
AliExpress product link

DC 400W 15A Step-up Boost Converter
Input voltage: DC 8.5V-50V
Input current: DC 15A (MAX)
Standby current: 10mA
Output voltage: DC 10-60V
Continuously adjustable current: 0.2-12A 
AliExpress product link

1200W 20A DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Power Supply Module, NEW RELEASE
Input Voltage: DC 10-60V
Output Voltage: DC 12-90V
Input current: DC 25A (20A if above 24V input voltage)
Output current: 18Amax (with active cooling only)
AliExpress product link

1800W 40A DC-DC DC Constant Voltage Constant Current Boost Converter with fan!
Input voltage: DC 10-60V
Output voltage: DC 12-90V
Input current: 30A
Output current: 20A
AliExpress product link

Victron Energy Orion-Tr DC-DC Converter, Isolated
12-48V input voltage
12/24V Output voltage (adjustable)
max 30A output current
several converters can be paralleled

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