Electric Installation

Different electrical parts and gear you may need for your off-grid-installation.

Electrical Steel Enclosure
Really well built industrial steel enclosure to house all your solar gear. I’m super happy with the quality and it was definitely the right decision to spend the extra money on such an enclosure rather than having everything mounted on a piece plywood. For safety reasons, you should get a proper enclosure for all your solar installation. They come in all kind of sizes, for example:
Steel Enclosure 400x300x250: eBay product link
Steel Enclosure 600x400x250: eBay product link
Steel Enclosure 600x600x250: eBay product link
Steel Enclosure 800x600x250: eBay product link
Similar product on Amazon in all sizes: Amazon product link

Plastic Transparent Cover Power Distribution Protection Box for Circuit Breaker Indoor on The Wall (4-6 way)
– with DIN rail mounting system
Amazon product link

Adhesive cable mounts / tie mounts
Very handy little helpers to organise your cabling and help you keeping your installation clean.
AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

Bus Bar Isolator / Stand-Off
I used these isolators to mount my long copper main bus bar. Also ideal for building your own bus bars for distributing power.
AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

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