BMS and Balancer

If you connect several cells in series, you definitely want a BMS. If not for optimisation purposes then for sure for safety and peace of mind. A BMS controls and monitors your whole battery on cell level niveau, disconnects the whole battery in case of over or under voltage and prolongs the life of your precious battery. An active balancer just balances your batteries, shuffles energy from one cell with higher voltage to one with lower voltage. Over time, your pack will be perfectly balanced.
Here is a selection of good Battery Management Systems and Balancer to use for your LiFePo4 battery cells.

Battery Management System with active Balancer onboard

I’ve ordered now one of these BMS with active balancer for our second battery pack. This seems like a good solution as it includes both protection and active balancing in one unit. It also has a Bluetooth app for programming and monitoring.
I haven’t received the BMS, so no video yet.

AliExpress product link: 14S ~ 24S 1A/2A Active Balance current 200A continues current (300A max.)

QUCC has got a new version of the Relay-BMS. I must say it’s not as pretty as the old version I have but it’s not a beauty contest, so… yeah The Relay is back!
For both Li-ion and LiFePO4 cells from 13s-20s configuration. It still has 200A permanent and 600W peak current.
Bluetooth is included and you can now also program the sleep time when the relay falls off again (as per manufacturer information, mine does not have this function).
QUCC has a very good customer service (they replaced my faulty BMS in notime) and replies to enquires on AliExpress within minutes.

LiFePO4 and Li-ion Smart BMS with Bluetooth function and app support:
200A with relay: AliExpress product link
150A. 4-8S: AliExpress product link
80A-120A 13-15S: AliExpress product link
30A-100A 16-20S: AliExpress product link

Link to newest Xiao Xiang App for this and other BMS’s.

Daly Smart BMS
Very good quality BMS with a lot of features. Comes with Bluetooth app and GPS for mobile usage.

12V Systems 80-500A (LiFePO4, 4s configuration)
AliExpress product link

24V Systems 80-500A (LiFePO4, 8s configuration)
AliExpress product link

48V Systems 80-500A (LiFePO4, 16s configuration)
AliExpress product link

9v-77V Systems 80-250A li-ion and LiFePO4 cells (programmable BMS)
AliExpress product link

3S – 21S Balancer

HANKZOR Active Equalizer Balancer
I have used these balancers for testing and they seem to be working great. Even with the big capacity cells, they don’t have a problem as they can transfer up to 5A from one cell to another.
I’ve done some testing with these balancers and show this in the video here. They really pushed close to 5A across the cells even at lower voltage difference of only 0.7V.
You can order them from 3S up to 21S and they work with all sort of batteries together: Li-ion, LFP and LTO

I was able to squeeze out a coupon code from the Hankzor Store on AliExpress for you. Use the code EQCSHJ17B14F at checkout for some extra discount.

AliExpress product link

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