LiFePO4 battery cells (LFP-cells) are now commonly used in solar storage projects as well as in electric vehicles. These cells have a lower voltage of 3.2V than for example Lithium Cobalt cells with 3.7V and also have a lower energy density but are very good in terms of cycling and voltage drop. Their cycle life can be up to 10x higher than for NMC cells.

– 280Ah Cells
– 100Ah Cells

Prismatic LiFePO4 cells, EVE 3.2V, 280Ah, 896Wh
These high-capacity cells are great and ideal for your solar storage projects. 4 of them in series will make the perfect 12V battery with over 3.5kWh of capacity. You will see me using these cells a lot. All details of these cells are in the link below.
Below are affiliate links directly to two manufacturers I have order with in China. I found the quality and customer service outstanding. In the video below, I tested the cells for matching voltage, internal resistance and capacity.
Some people reported problems with the link. Please try the below links from a desktop computer, not mobile. One of the links should always work. If you’re opening the link below with the mobile app from Alibaba, there should be a ‘Continue to website‘ link (or similar) at the bottom of your app. Please click that to continue to the product website.

Qishou Technology:
Alibaba product link
Alternative Link: Alibaba product link

Basen Technology:
Alibaba product link
Alternative Link: Alibaba product link

AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

Datasheet (updated version Apr 2020), PDF 690kB

Full cost-breakdown of all my deliveries (link to Google Spreadsheets).

EVE 3.2V 120Ah Battery LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Large capacity cell for DIY 12V 24V 48V solar energy storage systems.
Cells come with copper bus bars, studs and flange nuts.
Same great quality as the above larger cells, just with a smaller capacity.
Alibaba product link (Qishou Technology)
Alternative Link: Alibaba product link

AliExpress product link
Amazon product link

PALO LiFePO4 cells, 3.2V, 7.2Ah
Great LiFePO4 cells for experimenting or smaller projects. Huge capacity at small dimensions and insane high discharge current!
Max charging voltage:3.65v/cell
Max charging current:3A
Continuous discharging current:35A
Max discharge cut-off voltage:2.50v/cell

AliExpress product link

Are you here in Australia? Look at this amazing 100Ah LiFePO4 cell from UBETTER.
I bought a cell recently and tested it with 110% capacity. The cells can be charged with 1C and discharged with up to 3C!
If you want to buy them cheaper, use the Alibaba or AliExpress links above (recommended). If you want it fast us the eBay link below:
eBay Australia product link

Link to all collected data for this cell (PDF and .csv files).

Check out this video with the full cycle test of this battery:

All links on this page are affiliate links to support the channel. I’m getting paid a small commission if you order products or services through these links. This does not make the products or services more expensive for you.

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