Battery DIY-Kits

On this page, you will find some battery DIY-Kits, I have tested on the channel. These are mainly pre-configured battery cases with all accessories included. It’s a battery construction set where you can build your own batteries.

This is a battery DIY Kit for building a powerful 48V battery system with around 15kWh. It comes with all parts necessary, a 200A SEPLOS BMS with CAN and RS485, display, communication ports, cables, balance boards, terminals, everything.
You just need to add your own EVE 280 or 304Ah cells.
I have built this kit as part of the new Battery3.0 build. It’s great but not perfect. Watch the video review here.

Alibaba product link

Feet or wheel base for MASON battery system:
Alibaba product link

SEPLOS Mason 135 DIY Experience Kit
I have built this Kit as well as part of the new Battery3.0. It comes with 135Ah batteries included (or without and you use your own).
The Kit is very easy to assemble and looks very professional afterwards. As with all MASON Kits, it includes all parts, accessories and also a SEPLOS BMS with CAN communication port for your inverter.
The cases are stackable if you want to upgrade your system over time.
Check out this Kit here on my channel.

Alibaba Product link (DIY kit with or without batteries)

Base for MASON battery system:
Alibaba product link

Sun Fun Kits DIY Battery Kits
Best product on the market when it comes to building your won 12V LiFePO4 battery.
It includes a sturdy case, well though through and designed layout and the flexibility of choosing the right BMS for your project. All parts do fit well together and you can build your own battery in under 2h.
The DIY Kits come with and without batteries, heating option, active balancer and more. You can just pick and choose whatever accessories or BMS you want. It is a lot of fun building your own battery with these kits.
Sun Fun Kits sells Certified Automotive Grade cells, so these are the true A-Grade cells directly from the manufacturer EVE.

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Sun Fun Kits DIY Battery Kits product link
Sun Fun Kits Certified Cells product lnk

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