Bluetti Power Station

Bluetti products are portable all-in-one power solutions made by Maxoak. They can be charged from the included charger or directly from a solar panel. A built in inverter delivers 230V to all your applications, power tools or any other loads, like computers, TVs or refrigerators.
These are the ideal solutions for campers, RV-dwellers, weekend travellers, off-grid power users and tradesman or land owners who need to run their tools away from any grid power.

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BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station

– 2 x 2000W AC sockets (4800W surge, pure sine wave)
– LiFePO4 technology with more than 3.500 cycles
– 700W/12A(Max) solar recharge within 3-4h
– 5.5Hrs to fully recharge by 500W AC Adapter
– 2*AC Outlets, 1*12V/25A RV Port, 2*15W Wireless Pad, 1* PD 60W USB-C, 4* USB-A, 1*12V/10A Cigarette Lighter and 2* 12V/3A.

Comes with wall charger, solar charging cable, car charging cable, XT90 cable, manual and 24months warranty.

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BLUETTI EB150 1500Wh/1000W Portable Power Station

– Huge Capacity and load: 1500Wh/1000W (Max.), pure sine-wave
– Built in Top-Brand Lithium battery cells from LG
– Battery management system (BMS),Multi-protection
– All-in-1 power station with various outputs: 2*AC outlets for most household appliance under 1000W, 1*DC12V for car powered devices, 1*PD Type-C (Max 45W) for USB-C devices, 4*5V3A(Max) USB.
– AC/Solar recharged: it takes 8-8.5hrs to be fully charged by AC wall outlet.
– PV input: 16-68V/max.500W. MPPT high efficient solar charging.

Package Includes: 1*Portable Power Storage (EB150) 1* AC Wall Charger 1*PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 To MC4) 1*User Manual

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MAXOAK/BLUETTI K2 Power Bank 50000mAh/185Wh

  • Long-lasting laptop power bank with a capacity 50000mAh(3.7V)/185Wh(130W Max.)
  • Multi Outputs -DC20V/DC12V/USB5V: 1*DC20V/5A for Laptops, 1*DC12V/2.5A for Cameras, Routers,LED lights, 4*USB 5V For Smart Phones, iPad, Tablet &more.
  • Recharged in just 6-8 Hours by AC wall outlet.
  • 24 Months Hassle-free 100% Satisfaction & Replacement Warranty.

Bluetti product link (including your 5% discount at checkout)

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